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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a transparent coating applied to vehicles' exterior surfaces to protect the paint from scratches, stone chips, UV rays, and minor abrasions. It is flexible, self-healing, and virtually invisible. 


PPF safeguards vulnerable areas and provides resistance to damage caused by debris, sun, and contaminants. It requires professional installation and helps preserve the vehicle's appearance and value.

Partial Front PPF
Full Front PPF
Full Car PPF
Partial Front
  •  Quarter Bonnet

  •  Front Bumper

  •  Quarter Fenders

  •  Mirrors

  •  Front Lights

Add our 5 year ceramic coating package for R6 500.00 (normal price is R9 500.00)

Full Front
  •  Full Bonnet

  •  Front Bumper

  •  Full Front Fenders

  •  Mirrors

  •  A Pillars

  •  Front Lights

Add our 5 year ceramic coating package for R5 400.00 (normal price is R9 500.00)

Full Car
  •  Complete Vehicle

Add our 5 year ceramic coating for R4 500.00 (normal price is R9 500.00)

The biggest difference between rocket auto care and other film installers is that we pay attention to the fine details. We perform a full detail and paint correction before installing PPF to lock in a perfect finish. We would never dream of delivering a vehicle that has streaky windows or dirty wheels. At Rocket we look at the full picture and deliver absolutely flawless installations in every aspect. Each paint protection film (PPF) installation is warrantied against lifts, bubbling, cracking, yellowing for 8 years.

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