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Automotive detailing is an advanced version of a regular car wash. It is a more thorough process that goes beyond what a car wash can accomplish to clean, correct, and protect your investment. A car detailing service focuses not only on deep cleaning, but also on light cosmetic paint restoration and high-tech protective coatings. While getting your vehicle washed every week or so is important, car detailing is a special event to rejuvenate your ride and keep it looking good.

Motorcycle Detailing
(2 days to complete)
  • Exterior wash and detail

  •  Engine carefully detailed

  •  Polishing of chrome and metal parts

  •  3 stage paint correction (90% correction)

  •  Paint chip touch ups

  •  Plastics protected with ceramic coating

  •  Paint protected with ceramic coating

Concours Package
(2 - 3 weeks)
  • This is a full concours level detailing where we take extra time to restore each and area of the vehicle including the undercarriage, suspension parts, wheels, glass etc, we then coat each part with Ceramic coating for the ultimate shine and protection. Extra time is taken on paint correction for 100% defect removal for a perfect finish, every corner and crevice is carefully cleaned for concours winning perfection

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