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Vehicle Armouring

At Rocket Auto Care our goal is to provide you with a secure yet luxurious vehicle that fits your life style while keeping you and your family safe on your daily journeys.

We understand that the higher in the success ladder one may climb the greater the doubt in one’s safety,  that is where we come in.

Our experts can easily assist you with what is needed provide you with what your current or newly acquired lifestyle needs. We take each request seriously and work with you to make sure all your requests are answered.

Armouring options

We have partnered with the best Vehicle Armourers in South Africa to provide you with uncompromising quality and safety on most makes of vehicles

Rocket Auto Care can also source vehicles through our dealer network at the best price

Protection levels

Level B4 Handgun protection 

Lightweight armour adding under 200kgs of weight to the vehicle

Very little difference in handling of vehicle


Protects occupants from handgun rounds 

Level B6 Rifle protection 

Best suited to large SUVs because of the weight added with extensive armouring


Protects against most assault rifles calibers


Takes 50 - 70 days to build 

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