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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is a premier coating offering a High Solids formula of 9H protection. The advanced properties make it the best choice for durability, slickness and overall protection. Backed by a 2 and 5 year warranty there is no better choice for your vehicle. Ceramic Coating provides a permanent bond to your vehicles paint. Ceramic is protective against light marring, UV Rays and bird bombs. The coating has a self cleaning effect to keep your car looking cleaner for longer and washing requires no effort to remove stubborn dirt.

The Coating is great for those looking to add an incredible amount of slickness and shine to their vehicle's surface. For those who demand the best, look no further then protecting your paint with Ceramic Coating.

Base Detailing Package
  • Exterior wash and detail – see 12 step process

  •  Full Interior valet and deep clean

  •  2 stage paint correction (85% correction)

  •  Specialized wheel sealant applied to rims

  •  High quality Carnauba wax applied to paint

  •  Rubbers and plastics dressed with streak free dressing

2 Year Ceramic Coating
(2 days to complete) 
  •  Exterior wash and detail – see 12 step process

  •  Full Interior valet and deep clean

  •  2 stage paint correction (85% correction)

  •  Specialized wheel sealant applied to rims

  •  Paint and plastics protected with Nano Ceramic coating (warrantied for 2 years)

5 Year Ceramic Coating
(3 days to complete)
  •  Exterior wash and detail – see 12 step process

  •  Full Interior valet and deep clean + leather Ceramic coating and fabric coating

  •  Engine Bay Detailed

  •  Undercarriage Cleaned

  •  Wheels removed – suspension, calipers and wheels steam cleaned and coated with Ceramic coating

  •  3 stage paint correction (90% correction)

  •  Paint Chip Touch Ups

  •  Glass Ceramic Coating

  •  Plastics protected with specialized plastic coating

  •  Paint protected with multi layer Nano Ceramic coating (warrantied for 5 years)

Rocket Auto Care is the ideal choice for ceramic coating services due to their unmatched expertise and dedication to quality. Their highly trained professionals possess extensive knowledge in applying ceramic coatings, ensuring precise and even coverage for maximum protection and shine. Rocket Auto Care uses top-of-the-line ceramic coating products that offer long-lasting results, protecting your vehicle's paint from UV rays, environmental contaminants, and scratches. With their meticulous approach to surface preparation and application, you can trust that your vehicle will receive the best possible treatment. Experience the ultimate protection and unparalleled beauty for your vehicle by choosing Rocket Auto Care for ceramic coating services.

12 Step Process Vehicle Preparation

  1. Vehicle is assessed and paint depth readings are taken around the car and documented

  2. Inside our indoor wash bay vehicle is carefully rinsed off and sprayed with a pre wash degreasing agent and then rinsed again

  3. Vehicle is sprayed with foam and then carefully washed panel by panel using the 2 bucket wash system, high quality soap and a soft wash mitt

  4. A clay bar is used to remove any surface contamination on the paint and glass

  5. NuVAX purge is used to remove iron contamination in the paint and vehicle

  6. A cleaning agent is sprayed on rubbers and badges and then cleaned with a soft brush and the vehicle is rinsed again

  7. Wheels are cleaned with a PH neutral wheel soap and soft brushes

  8. Callipers, wheel hubs, suspension parts and wheel wells are sprayed with a specialised cleaning agent and cleaned with various brushes and tools

  9. The vehicle receives a final rinse and is blow dried and then carefully patted down with a soft plush towel

  10. Door jambs are cleaned and dried

  11. Glass is cleaned with a dedicated ammonia free glass cleaner

  12. Vehicle is moved into a well lit detailing bay and wiped down with a iso panel wipe solution and is now ready to begin the paint correction process

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