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Welcome to Rocket Auto Care, where we have turned our love for cars into a business. With a burning passion for all things automotive, our dedicated team specialises in bespoke automotive solutions.


Our mission? To ensure luxury vehicle and supercar ownership is as lovely as it should be.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Rocket Auto Care has honed its expertise and network to give our customers tailer-made solutions for their automotive needs.

Our comprehensive range of services includes luxury vehicle storage, vehicle armouring, vehicle sourcing, paint protection film, and detailing. With a passion for precision and a commitment to excellence, we go above and beyond to ensure that your prized possessions are treated with the utmost care and attention. From our temperature-controlled facilities to state-of-the-art security measures, we provide a safe and secure environment for your beloved luxury vehicles. Our dedicated team of experts is always available to offer personalized and reliable service, catering to your specific requirements. Trust Rocket Auto Care for unrivaled expertise, integrity, and peace of mind when it comes to your luxury vehicle needs.

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  • How long does the Paint Protection Film Process take?
    A Quarter Front takes around 1-2 days, a full front takes around 2-3 days and a full PPF vehicle warp 5-6 days, this includes preparing the car, paint correction, PPF application, curing and checking.
  • How do I wash my car after Paint Protection Film (PPF) Application?
    Any soap is fine to wash your car with, but at Rocket we do recommend hand wash only. We recommend you have your own bucket with microfibre cloths to prevent your car being washed with dirty cloths and therefore cause damage to the PPF and it’s self healing layer.
  • Is there any maintenance servicing needed for my Paint Protection Film (PPF)?
    We ask our clients to come back after 2-3 Weeks for a check up after PPF application to check curing has taken place properly. After this time, there is no need for a yearly check up/maintenance etc but if you have any concerns with your PPF we are always happy to check it out.
  • Can you apply ceramic coating to Paint Protection Film (PPF)?
    Yes! It helps to enhance the hydrophobic effect of the paint protection film. We also offer ceramic coatings for interior, glass and rims.
  • Why does my car need Paint Correction when it is brand new from a dealership?
    Even if a car is brand new and straight from a dealership there will be some small scratches/swirl marks present on the paint. Our PPF application process will improve it and add a protective layer of self healing film to your new car. This also make your new car look new a lot longer, hence keeping the value of your vehicle high.
  • How long will it take to detail my car?
    This depends totally on your car and a number of factors – we can give you more of an idea of this if you can bring your car to us for a full assessment.
  • How is Paint Protection Film (PPF) applied to my car?
    Our Premium film is applied by our skilled team of workers. It is applied with a special wet solution. Once the application is completed we let the vehicle stand in the sun for a certain amount of time, we then do final checks on all edges before delivery.
  • How do I access my vehicle?
    Simply send us a message or call and let us know when you would like to collect your vehicle and we will ensure its ready to go day or night.
  • Can I come visit before I book a space?
    Yes absolutely!
  • What type of insurance do you have?
    We are fully covered against accidental and fire damage but we always recommend clients keep their insurance on their vehicles.
  • Whats included with vehicle storage?
    When your car arrives for entry to storage, we’ll complete our check-in process. Multiple photos will be taken to capture your vehicles condition, any damage noted and an odometer reading taken. We take the time to get to know your car, understand any alarm/immobiliser operation and any special requirements you have. Lastly, we’ll confirm the battery location and any special instructions for connecting a battery charger. Your car will then be moved into storage, a battery charger connected and (if dry) a soft cover placed over it to protect during storage. Your keys will be secured in a lockbox at a 2nd location
  • How do I pay for car storage?
    Once your car is in storage we’ll send you an invoice. Storage is payable in advance, by bank transfer or standing order and our bank details are on your invoice. Alternatively we can set up a direct debit and invoice you at your preferred payment frequency. Clients are also welcome to pay a full years storage in advance.
  • Will the armouring process affect the performance of my vehicle?
    Due to the overall weight of the vehicle is increasing, the performance will unavoidably be altered - but this varies from vehicle to vehicle. This additional weight results in different handling characteristics and can negatively affect performance (acceleration, fuel consumption, maximum speed etc). Armouring a vehicle can add anywhere from 135 to 700 kgs (300 to 1500 lbs) to the vehicle's overall weight - these figures are much lower than elsewhere in the armoured vehicle market, so how do we do it? Anyone who says that armour will not impact upon performance is probably leading you down a dangerous path, so watch out! The challenge is to armour the vehicle with the desired level of protection, yet add as little weight as possible. This is why our product stands out. We armour to the required level of ballistic protection, yet add very minimal weight to your vehicle.
  • Can any vehicle be armoured?
    Yes, any vehicle could be armoured – but to make it worth the cost and ensure your ultimate protection, we recommend using a heavier-duty vehicle as the starting point for the armouring. These respond better to modifications like heavy duty suspension, brakes, and so on. SUVs are often the armoured car of choice, although many high powered saloons also make a good choice for armouring.
  • How long will it take for my vehicle to be armoured?
    We turn most of our vehicles around within 55 working days. That's far quicker than the typical 9 months quoted by manufacturers
  • Can you take care of transporting my vehicle once it is finished?
    Yes. We have shipped alot of cars and only work with proven shipping companies, so we’ll be happy to help transport your vehicle. Equally, if you’d rather take care of the shipping yourself, we’ll provide all of the information you require.
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